Telltale’s ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ Episode 3 Is Out Now

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Telltale continues to spit out episode after episode of its many series, and today is the turn of episode 3 of Batman: The Enemy Within (Free) , probably the best series of the last few months (judging from what I’ve played of it so far). In this series, Batman has to deal primarily with the Riddler (and a few others) while also trying to navigate the complex power politics of Commissioner Gordon and Amanda Waller (I won’t say much about who she is because that would spoil the series a bit). And while Batman is having a hard time navigating his current situation, Bruce is also having more than a few issues of his own, which is part of what has made this series fun to play. The series managed to make Bruce Wayne an interesting character to play, and that has really helped the series.

In this episode, expect Batman to further try to deceive many of those around him (friends and not), which of course will have quite the toll on both Batman and Bruce. And Joker is also around, making the series even more entertaining. So far, the series hasn’t had any serious technical issues on mobile, and I hope it continues like that. “Fractured Mask" is out today and costs $4.99.

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