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‘Round Rick’ is a New Brick Breaker from FredBear Games that’s Looking for iOS and Android Beta Testers

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Even though it’s a genre that’s well-covered on pretty much every platform, I still enjoy seeing new brick breaker games. Prolific mobile game developer FredBear Games is bringing a new one to iOS and Android soon called Round Rick, and it has a few interesting wrinkles that sets it apart from the pack. One is that there’s a cohesive storyline to the game where you’re in charge of restoring the worlds of the Cute Marbles people that were destroyed by the evil Captain Breaker. This plays out with some minor city-building as you make your way through the game’s campaign, destroying the “bricks" in each level which causes various types of resources to rain down which you can then collect and put towards rebuilding the world. You can see how this plays out in the following gameplay trailer.

There will also be cool features like boss fights and special magical spells you can use during play to help you rid the world of Captain Breaker’s army of Squamen. Yes, there is lots of lore attached to this seemingly simple brick breaking game, which I think is pretty cool. FredBear is currently looking for participants for a beta test, so if you’re interested you can check out the thread in our forums for more information and you can sign up for testing on iOS or Android using this link or if you’d like to just cut to the chase and own an Android device you can just grab the Open Beta version of the game on Google Play using this link. Round Rick will be released sometime in 2018 and until then you can check out this more general trailer for the game to see even more of it in action.

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