‘Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’ Is Now Available Worldwide on iOS and Android

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After being announced for release and then soft launching in Australia, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Free) is finally available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. While scheduled to release on November 22nd, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now rolling out worldwide and it is out in the US App Store right now. It looks like Nintendo will not be missing any of the holiday or Thanksgiving spending with Pocket Camp.

If you’ve wanted an Animal Crossing game on mobile, here it is. We will have more on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp over the next few days. Check out our forum thread here. Download it for free on iOS or Android right now. Read our first impressiosn here.

It is currently making its way across the App Stores worldwide so it may take a bit to show up. If you’re having trouble finding it yourself, try going through Nintendo from another game that’s live as opposed to just searching for Animal Crossing yourself. Here’s a list of countries that it will be available in at launch with more maybe coming post launch.

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