More ‘Minecraft’ Minecon Announcements – ‘Adventure Time’ Episode Coming, New Server, and Mixer Integration

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Minecraft‘s ($6.99) MineCon Earth has come and gone, and—as we wrote on Saturday—it has brought along some pretty big announcements, chief among them the Update Aquatic announcement. While most of the big announcements are in the Saturday article, a few more have surfaced since then, so we wanted to make sure you’re all caught up. Specifically, we are also getting another official server, The Hive. The Hive will launch later this year and will bring a new mini game to Minecraft called Death Run. In Death Run, players will take on an obstacle course with traps and challenging parkour. CubeCraft, a Java-based server, will also be making its way to iOS along with a new adventure map called Island Games.

If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, we have good news for you as well. You probably remember the Adventure Time Mashup Pack that was added to the Marketplace earlier this year and let players dress up as those much-loved characters. Minecraft is going even further and is bringing a whole Adventure Time episode made in the Minecraft fashion in 2018. The episode will use the art of Minecraft and blend the two worlds in what should be an entertaining episode.

Finally, Minecraft will get Mixer broadcasting features on both iOS and Android on November 21st. In Mixer, any command can be turned into an interactive button, which should make for fun broadcasts. That’s all for now, but expect more announcements in the near future since Minecraft seems to be on a roll now.

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