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Deckbuilding Game ‘VEmpire’ Brings Vampiric Hapsburgs to Mobile November 27

VEmpire, a card game about Vampiric Hapsburgs, sounds like great fun to a history geek like me, and I’m guessing it sounds like an intriguing proposition to most of you as well, provided you like collectible card games. VEmpire has been in development for quite some time (we’ve written about the game a few times), but it’s finally reaching the end of its journey on November 27th, when it will creep onto the App Store. The game is already out on Steam to mostly positive reviews, with most players praising the game’s art and music and lack of any micro-transactions, a feature I’m sure many will be happy about. And, of course, most players really like the fantastic theme of Vampiric Hapsburgs.

VEmpire has four classes, each representing one of the four Hapsburg periods, with all cards based on real historical characters, famous ancient buildings, and memorable battles. The game has over 100 cards with really cool art and a gameplay that’s simple enough to make it accessible but with enough depth to make it fun. If you like games like Ascension or Star Realms, keep an eye out for Vempire: The Kings of Darkness, releasing November 27th. In the meantime, check out our forum thread if you want to help beta test the game.