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‘Dice Soccer City’ Combines Kairosoft With Soccer and Is Looking for Beta Testers

LambdaMu, the developer of Pixel People and Dice Soccer, are back with an interesting blend of a game that feels like a Kairosoft game combined with soccer. Dice Soccer City, which we got to see at GDC 2017, brings together town building and deck building mechanics into one charming game. As the developers talk about in our forum thread, you’ll have to oversee your city’s morale and expansion, and by winning games and making your town better, you’ll attract more residents. That’s an interesting gameplay loop that (if done well) can nicely link the building part with the soccer playing part of the game. You’ll then have to recruit those residents and head to a match of Dice Soccer, which is all about teamwork and combos.

The soccer playing side of the game looks fun, with different players having different skills, which makes building the right “deck" of players essential if you want to win. And the game’s visuals are pretty sweet. If you want to become a beta tester for Dice Soccer City, head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread.