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‘Star Wars: Rise to Power’ Is a Mobile Strategy Game Probably With Loot Crates

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I hope you’re excited to play more Star Wars mobile games because there’s another one coming called Star Wars: Rise to Power. This mobile strategy game (which can mean so many things these days) tells the story of the war between the Empire and the dawning New Republic. Players will have a say on which side of the war gets to reign supreme, which also translates into this being a social game. You will choose a faction (of course), establish your base (as to be expected), and build a fleet of starships. And then you go to war, if your alliance is strong enough and loyal. To become more powerful and reign supreme, you have to outwit your opponents in carefully orchestrated attacks, carefully crafted diplomatic moves, or straight up deception. And, since this is an EA Star Wars game, you could probably also win by buying more loot boxes than the other side and getting access to better stuff faster than others.

If you have an Android, you can sign up for the closed pre-alpha test now. Sorry iOS players, no alpha testing for you at this point. The survey you need to complete before signing up for testing gives clues as to what kind of game Star Wars: Rise to Power will be. One of the questions asks whether you’ve played games like Boom Beach, Clash of Kings, Mobile Strike, Game of War, Clash of Clans, etc for more than a month. That selection of titles should give you an idea of what expectations to have. In other words, keep that credit card info handy. Stay tuned for more info on the game soon.

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