Noodlecake Releases ‘King Chomp!’, a Mini-Game Using Their New Anti-Cheater Cloud Gaming Technology

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Our favorite Saskatoonians at Noodlecake have been up to something ultra rad in the frigid arctic wastelands of Saskatchewan. If you’ve spent any time online gaming, you’ve no doubt inevitably come across cheaters. It’s just sort of a fact of life, and there’s rarely a ton done in mobile to prevent it. There isn’t really a mobile equivalent of PunkBuster or other popular anti-cheat PC software, so developers have been forced to roll their own tech which is often simply too huge of an undertaking for a small indie developer. Well, that’s where the latest project from Noodlecake Labs comes in.

It’s called “NC Game" (which presuambly stands for “Noodle Cake Game," or “Noodlecake Cloud Game," or something equally clever) and it’s a multiplayer cloud framework they’ve been developing for the last year. In essence, it allows games to run entirely in the cloud using a technology known as “server authoritative multiplayer." What this means is that instead of the way things typically work, which is you connecting to another player and your game telling the other game what you’re doing (which can be hacked to tell the other game client you’re doing things you shouldn’t be able to do) the game runs on the cloud and both game clients use it as an intermediary allowing the server to verify everything that’s happening in the game is legit.

Apparently, once developers start building their games with the NC Game framework in mind, they can deploy server authoritative games to the cloud in less than 10 minutes. Hopefully, this brings about a new era of totally cheater-free multiplayer in mobile. The first game that they’ve released which leans on this technology is called King Chomp! (Free), which is totally free with no ads and also available on Android.

It’s an .io style battle royale game where players each each other, pick up color nodes, speed around, and try to survive. It’s simple and fun, and serves a secondary purpose in allowing the boys (and girls) up north to test out the new NC Game framework. Being a Noodlecake Labs game, it isn’t intended to be super in-depth, and rather, just a really fun experimental game. Everything Noodlecake releases is worth checking out in our books, and this is really no different.

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    • Change your Monster’s color to get the upper hand. Red eats Green, Green eats Blue, Blue eats Red! Don’t forget!…
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