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Is Nintendo About to Announce the Launch Date of ‘Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’? [Updated]

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If you’re the kind of person who gets annoyed by vaguebooking, chances are this latest “announcement" by Nintendo isn’t going to do too much for you. However, if you’re the kind of person who loves to be teased along by video game marketing, boy do we have a treat for you. Nintendo has been tweeting various things from Pocket Camp since the game soft launched a few weeks ago, but today’s tease surrounds the fact that the Animal Crossing fortune teller, Katrina, might have something mysterious in store for us soon:

Is Nintendo about to drop the release date of Animal Crossing? Is this an elaborate troll to announce that the McRib is in fact back? Or something else entirely? Who knows! I’ve had my money on a launch of Pocket Camp on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday next week as that’d be the perfect opportunity for everyone to download it and encourage their friends and family at Thanksgiving to do the same.

What’ll Nintendo do, though? I guess we’ll have to wait for Katrina to tell us.

Update: Eagle-eyed Twitter user @RandomPhil86 points out that they might just be teasing this promotional website where you can answer some of Katrina’s questions and find out who your friend in Pocket Camp going to be. Hopefully this tease is a bit more substantial than that, but, who knows!

Update 2: YEP!

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