Wonder Woman, Batman, and Other Justice League Heroes Coming to ‘Puzzle & Dragons’

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Justice League, the film that brings together some of the most popular DC heroes, is about to hit movie theaters, and—as expected—it’s also about to visit a few mobile games. Puzzle & Dragons (Free), the popular mobile puzzle game, will host three new character pairings in honor of the film: Batman and Cyborg, Superman and The Flash, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman (the last one is fan fiction waiting to happen). These three pairings will make their debut in the Justice League Collab Egg Machine, and players will also have the opportunity to fight against new DC villains as they battle through the new Justice League Collab Dungeon.

Players that are at Rank 50 or above will be able to pull a random collab character from the Rank 50 Justice League Collab Egg Machine for a limited time, so keep an eye out for that so you don’t miss out. The Justice League event is live and will run until November 26th, so enjoy playing as those pretty cool characters (well, most of them are cool).

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