‘World of Tanks’ Blitz Twister Cup Finals Happening Tomorrow

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The big World of Tanks Blitz (Free) tournament called Blitz Twister Cup is coming to an end tomorrow when four teams representing four different regions—Europe, Russia, Asia, North America—will clash in Minsk to see who will prevail by blowing up tanks. The finals are giving away some pretty good prizes, with 1st place finishers getting $15,000, but the road to Minsk wasn’t easy. Players had to go through two group stages and beat many other teams to make it to the finals. The matches are played with teams of 7 players in a best of three format, with the final being a best of 7. Maps will be chosen randomly, and it will be interesting to see which maps end up hosting the final matches.

If you’re interested in watching the tournament, tune into the YouTube Live Stream starting at 1:30 PM GMT+3. World of Tanks Blitz tournaments tend to be frantic and entertaining, so if you do like esports, tune into the Blitz Twister Cup finals and watch things blow up in spectacular fashion.

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