Bi-Weekly ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Items Available in ‘Super Mario Run’ for a Limited Time

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With the monstrous success of Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch, it’s no surprise that Nintendo would be crossing over their latest console hit with their mobile Mario offering Super Mario Run (Free). I mean, that’s pretty much their entire reason for wanting to make mobile games, right? To get you interested in their console stuff? The latest example of this cross-platform synergy is a set of new Super Mario Odyssey statues which will be available for free in Super Mario Run over a staggered bi-weekly release calendar which is already under way with this week’s Wedding Mario statue. Basically, all you have to do is log into Super Mario Run before 11pm PST on November 14th and you’ll receive the Mario Wedding statue in your Gift Box.

Once the time runs out for the Mario Wedding statue on the 14th, the next item will become available. This will go on until the end of the month as the remaining three statues get their turn. The schedule for all items is as follows:

– Mario Wedding Statue: November 9th 23:00 PST to November 14th 22:59 PST

– Pauline Statue: November 14th 23:00 PST to November 19th 22:59 PST

– Bowser Wedding Statue: November 19th 23:00 PST to November 23rd 22:59 PST

– Peach Wedding Statue: November 23rd 23:00 to November 27th 22:59 PST

In addition to these limited time items, the previous Super Mario Odyssey crossover items have reappeared in Super Mario Run’s in-game store for a limited time. All these items are available for in-game coins, and surprisingly, they’re not even that expensive:

– Cappy Statue: 2,000 Coins

– Captured Goomba Statue: 1,000 Coins

– Captured Hammer Bro Statue: 1,500 Coins

– Captured Chain Chomp Statue: 3,000 Coins

The items above should be available until the bi-weekly items are finished, so be sure to grab them before November 27th at 11pm PST.

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