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‘Football Manager Mobile’ Adds MLS, Doubles the Players, Adds More Depth, New Stadiums, and Many More Features

Sports Interactive’s Football Manager Mobile has always sat at a weird place in the series that is Football Manager primarily because of the feature envy caused by its tablet brother, Football Manager Touch. Players who only have mobile phones often complain that SI could add many more features to FMM and still keep it simple enough to play on the go, and it looks like SI is finally listening, although changes to annualized games like FMM are always incremental. Today, SI started announcing new FMM features, and there are quite a few of them. One important change is that the game now allows you to have up to 21300 active players in the game, which is close to double what you could do in past iterations. And the new version finally adds the MLS, a league many of you have been wanting for years.

The game now allows you to build new stadiums once your team becomes too big for the one you currently play in, and you’ll even get to name your stadium. The tactical screens have been reworked to allow you to better figure out how your tactics will work on the field, and the game will now suggest your best 11. Team of the Week and Team of the Year have also been added to the game as has the ability to train your physios and scouts. SI also claims there have been UI improvements, but we’ll have to get our hands on the game before figuring out whether those changes make much difference to playing. The game is coming out November 10th, and hopefully this time around FMM will strike a good balance between depth and portability.