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‘Beasts Evolved’ Looks Like ‘Patapon’ for Mobile

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Every time I look at Patapon, the popular Playstation game with its great art style, I wonder why we never got a game that looked like that on mobile. Well, it looks like we are getting a Patapon-like game after all, and it’s called Beasts Evolved: Skirmish. The developers aren’t shy about the Patapon inspiration behind Beasts Evolved visual style. I do like the silhouette-style art the game is using, and I’m sure it will look great on the iPhone X screen. In terms of gameplay, Beasts Evolved is all about collecting monsters, upgrading and evolving them in ways similar to Pokemon and Digimon games, and picking different formations as you try to take out any obstacle and enemies you meet.

In order to win a battle, you have to push the other team backwards until you can take over their territory. The developers point out that they’ve developed the game with mobile in mind, so expect short bursts of gameplay rather than prolonged clashes. The game should be releasing soon, and you can pre-register here to get in-game rewards.

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