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Action Platformer ‘Ghoulboy’ Gets New Trailer and Should Be Hitting Very Soon

Back in September we got a tasty first look at upcoming action platforming game Ghoulboy from developer Redro Games. Taking inspiration from classics like Castlevania and Ghosts’n Goblins, Ghoulboy has you running and jumping through levels and dispatching all manner of enemies using a variety of cool weapons, like a sword, spears, and yes even a whip. You can also throw those spears into the walls where they’ll stick and create platforms for you to jump on, adding a puzzle element to the platforming action. We thought Ghoulboy was looking awesome in that early video, and today Redro has released an even more fleshed-out trailer and the game is looking better than ever.

Everything about that trailer screams that this is my type of game. I love platformers and I love old-school pixel visuals like this, and it appears that the action will be smooth and challenging. Several other folks have been getting excited about Ghoulboy in our forums since September, and when asked when the game might be releasing Redro responded the first week of November. That’s like… right now, but Ghoulboy isn’t actually out yet, however this leads me to believe we’ll be seeing it in the next few days. Once it hits we’ll give you a heads up, otherwise that same forum thread is a great place to hang out and wait and I’m sure the dev will be posting there once the game is finally available.