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Gorgeous Rope-Swinging Platformer ‘Ocmo’ Launching November 16th

Wouldn’t it be cool to be an octopus? I can think of so many ways having eight tentacles could improve my quality of life. One of those would be being able to swing to and fro wherever I go, assuming I was a special type of octopus that lived on land (it could happen!). Also, if I came across some prey, let’s say an adorable bunny rabbit for example, I could violently rip it apart limb by limb and gobble it up to increase my power. Yes, this is my dream, and Finnish developer Team Ocmo shares this very special dream of mine if their upcoming game Ocmo is anything to go by. You’ll play as a tentacled monster who can walk, jump, and of course swing through 80 challenging platforming levels that will include secrets to discover, bosses to fight, and adorable bunnies to chow down on. Check out the trailer.

If you’re thinking that Ocmo looks a bit familiar, it’s possible that it reminds you of the similarly excellent swinging platformers Tentacles: Enter the Mind (Free) and Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin ($2.99). Like those games, Ocmo looks to avoid the use of virtual buttons entirely and your little monster will be able to walk, jump, and fling itself around using tentacles all with taps and presses of the screen. Team Ocmo also says they’re going for the “difficult but always fair" end of the challenge spectrum, and with the physics system of your character’s movement there’s “endless nuances and opportunities" for speedrunning aficionados. Finally, Ocmo will be a fully paid, no IAP premium game which should set your back between $5-10.

If you live in the developer’s home country of Finland, Ocmo is already released there and has been for a couple of months as they tweak and fix the experience in preparation for its full launch. Folks in the Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets will have to wait for a localized version sometime down the road, but the rest of the world can dive into Ocmo when it officially launches (almost) worldwide on November 16th.