Check out the Launch Trailer for ‘Sonic Forces: Speed Battle’

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Watching Sega find its stride on the App Store has been fascinating, particularly when it comes to anything to do with Sonic. When endless runners hit so hard, it seemed like a Sonic game could be an unbelievably natural fit in that genre. Instead, Sega durdled around with Doodle Jump knock-offs and other weird stuff. They’ve been doing the behind the back Temple Run-like Sonic runner for a while now, but this week’s release adds a new wrinkle: Multiplayer. You can see how this all works in the trailer:

Multiplayer racers have done well over the years, but like most of Sega’s releases on the App Store this seems… Super late. I’d love to see a parallel universe where a game of the quality level of Sonic Forces: Speed Battle was released back in 2011 when this type of runner genre was new and exciting instead of easily described as “another one of these" and relegated to a folder on your phone with loads of other behind the back runners.

But, hey, who knows, maybe Speed Battle will be the next big thing.

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