‘Runic Rampage’, the Latest Hectic Hack ‘N Slash Game From Crescent Moon, Is Out Now on the App Store

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Crescent Moon Games have historically been one of my favorite indie publishers on the App Store, ever since Ravensword: The Fallen King left my 13-year-old self stunned by the immense possibilities of the iPhone. While not every title released under their moniker is perfect, Crescent Moon certainly have more hits than misses, and recently have struck a rich vein of form with some incredible mobile titles like Morphite ($7.99), Get Me Outta Here ($2.99) and Subdivision Infinity ($4.99). Owing to this impressive run of games, I have high hopes for Crescent Moon’s latest release Runic Rampage ($3.99). Featuring a dwarf with a formidable arsenal, Runic Rampage focuses on over-the-top violence, crazy combos and clever combat mechanics to stand out from its action RPG contemporaries. After releasing to a positive reception on Steam, Runic Rampage is finally available to download for $3.99 on the App Store.

Runic Rampage is one of those classic cases of a game that was seemingly destined for a mobile release, as its procedurally generated level structure and fast-paced hack ‘n slash action is perfectly suited to a more portable guise. With a vibrant aesthetic and a whole lot of charm through its gratuitous violence, Runic Rampage looks like an immensely enjoyable premium mobile romp, in a genre that has been dominated by low-effort free-to-play alternatives. If the virtual controls are good enough to do its source material justice, Runic Rampage is certainly worth a look for action gaming fans – considering the publisher’s familiarity with the genre, there should be nothing to worry about at all. If you have any strong opinions on the game, or if you’re looking for more impressions on Runic Rampage, be sure to head by our forum thread.

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