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‘Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’ Data Mine Reveals Gardening, Weather, and More

Now that players have spent a considerable amount of time in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp soft launch, a few complaints seem pretty common and they all come down to how little depth there is in the game. In some respects, it’s expected, as the whole point of Nintendo’s mobile offerings is to tease you just enough to be interested in the full version of a game on a Nintendo console. Well, per a recent data mine by Critical.gg of the Android version of the game, Nintendo might be filling in some of the blanks in the future with assets already in the game.

It turns out the APK has loads of references to planting plants and the different states of soil. In Animal Crossing proper, there was a huge (and somewhat hidden) meta game surrounding planting and crossbreeding flowers. Could Pocket Camp get something similar? According to the data miners, “There are hints that many of the Garden related items will be purchasable, there references to other players visiting the garden, leaving footprints and more, but let’s keep this info under speculation category for now."

Seasons also seem to be supported, which isn’t that surprising, but what has us raising our eyebrow is traces of different locations mentioned in the APK:


The in-game map seems like it could be infinitely expanded, but what would you even do at an Animal Crossing office, or hotel? Additionally, Critical.gg found traces of different costumes (Mario, Link, etc.) and weather effects.

This all definitely has us scratching our heads, but be sure to check out the full report over at Critical.gg.