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‘South Park: Phone Destroyer’ to Destroy All Phones November 9th

South Park: Phone Destroyer, the collectible card game based on the irreverent animated show, has been in soft launch for quite some time now, but on November 9th it will destroy every iOS and Android device worldwide. The (as to be expected) inappropriate card game lets you play with new and twisted versions of iconic characters, like Cyborg Kenny, Stan of Many Moons, and others, much more inappropriate characters. As in every card game like this one, you collect various cards that you then put together into the best deck you can. And then you go ahead and try and beat everyone around you.

In South Park: Phone Destroyer you can play in real-time PVP battles but also through a single player story written in collaboration with South Park Digital studios. And you can fully customize your player as well. Players in our forums have been enjoying the soft-launched version and say the monetization model is pretty generous with no timers. Now you only have to wait until November 9th to play the game. And to kill Kenny, of course.