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Beautiful Adventure Game ‘Abi’ Coming November 2nd

There’s something very cute about little robots acting like humans (Wall-E and BB-8 are just some examples), and I think Abi and DD, the two robot stars of the upcoming adventure game Abi, might join your list of favorite mechanical devices. Abi is a melancholic story of two robots exploring a desolated world where humanity is long gone. In this puzzle adventure game, you’ll control both Abi, the small robot programmed to be an educator, and DD, the hulking industrial robot, as you try and uncover the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of all humanity. Humanity’s impact, though, is visible throughout the world you’ll explore.

Abi is gorgeous, with great art style and animations and wonderfully somber music. It feels like one of those games you want to play on the couch with the lights out. Wall-E is one of my favorite movies ever (well, the first half of it at least), so I’m really looking forward to Abi. The game is releasing November 2nd, and it will cost you $2.99, a small price to pay to keep those poor little robots company. Head over to our forum thread for more on Abi.