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‘Nory’s Escape’ Will Have You Drawing Your Way Across Levels, Also Works With Your Apple Pencil

Platformers work great on mobile devices, but sometimes controls can get in the way, especially when your fingers get in the way of the action. Nory’s Escape wants to offer you a different way to make it through the various levels that seems to be working well in the trailer below. Specifically, you’ll have to draw paths for the hero to make it through the levels and escape an evil witch. You can even play the game using the Apple Pencil on the new iPads, which I believe should work best because it’s a more natural move for most of us and will ensure our fingers don’t get in the way. We haven’t seen many games using Apple Pencil, so I’m glad that Nory’s Escape is taking advantage of it.

The game looks nice and colorful and comes with around 20 hand crafted levels. It does look like the levels have plenty of obstacles for you to navigate and is quite a fast game, so it should be challenging to play. If you want to read more about the game, check out our Upcoming Games forum thread. The game is premium and will release October 29th.