‘DreamWorks Universe of Legends’ is an ARPG With Characters from ‘Shrek’, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, and More

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Now this is the kind of game I can get behind. DreamWorks has decided to gives us an action RPG game called DreamWorks Universe of Legends (Free) starring characters from some of its biggest hits of the last few years, and it sounds like it’s going to be a blast to play just based on the characters. Who’s invited to the party? Well, we’ve got characters from 12 franchises including Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Madagascar, The Croods, Penguins of Madagascar, Megamind, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Rise of the Guardians, Turbo, and some that haven’t been announced yet. I mean, that’s a pretty all-star cast that gives the developers a ton of interesting characters to work with.

As with most other action RPGs, you’ll get to assemble your team from over 40 upgradable heroes and villains and fight across all kinds of levels inspired by the movies included in the game. The game will have a real-time combat system with the usual upgradable gear and various skills, but it will also offer a PvP Arena, which is probably going to see some crazy character combinations. DreamWorks Universe of Legends is free-to-play and will launch on both iOS and Android.

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