Blizzard Responds to ‘Hearthstone’ Fireside Gatherings Issues

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As you probably know if you play Hearthstone (Free), Blizzard has recently introduced new, fancier Fireside Gatherings and has used the new Warlock Hero, Nemsy Necrofizzle (which can only be gained at a Fireside Gathering), as a way to promote the new social elements of the game. However, those plans quickly backfired partly because Fireside Gatherings aren’t easily accessible to everyone and, more importantly, many players have taken advantage of this initiative and created all kinds of shady and even dangerous Fireside Gatherings. There’s even a story where people turned someone’s house into a Fireside Gathering without his knowledge.

Today, Blizzard provided an update regarding Fireside Gatherings, and, after addressing some known bugs, talked about the false or inappropriate Gatherings popping up. The update mentions how they wanted to make Fireside Gatherings easy to organize, but that ease also made them easy to manipulate. So, Blizzard will be dedicating additional resources to vet and review Fireside Gatherings better, and it of course encourages players to report any suspicious ones. And there will be actions taken against those who use Fireside Gatherings for any malicious purposes. Hopefully these new measures will help make Fireside Gatherings pleasant and safe.

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