BlizzCon ‘Hearthstone Inn-vitational’ Hinting at Expansion Details?

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So, remember when we wrote that Blizzard was being a bit vague about its Hearthstone (Free) plans for this month? And remember when we thought the vagueness might have to do with the upcoming expansion? Well, it seems like we might have been somewhat right. Today, Blizzard announced its Hearthstone Inn-vitational, a big event scheduled for BlizzCon 2017. This event puts 12 of the most popular streamers and pro players into four teams and has them complete a variety of challenges. The first challenge is using pre-constructed Wild Decks, the second uses Standard Decks, and the third will have the players putting together decks from cards they have found as they try to take each other out. The teams include players like Kripparian, Firebat, Disguised Toast, Reynad, Thijs, Dog, and others.

Now, what many on reddit have noticed is that three of the four team names seem to allude to the three previous expansions, which makes the fourth name very interesting. The teams are Jungle Giants, Grimestreet Grifters, Chillblade Crusaders, and Big-Time Buccaneers. As you can probably guess, the first three are references to Un’Goro, Gadgetzan, and Frozen Throne expansions, but what is the fourth one? Is it possible that it’s a clue for the next expansion? Every player I know has had more than enough of pirates this year (thanks Patches), so I would be surprised to see more Pirates. What do you think? Is reddit reading too much into this, or is there something there?

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