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Conan O’Brien Joins ‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ Today at TwitchCon To Show 50v50 Fortress Siege Mode

If you watch Conan O’Brien’s show, you probably know his whole “Clueless Gamer" thing where he plays games he’s really bad at (or acts as if he is). Today at TwitchCon, Conan O’Brien will once more be stepping on the stage to talk about a game, but this time around it will be the upcoming Lineage 2: Revolution, the mobile MMO that promises to revolutionize the genre on mobile. Specifically, today at 5PM PDT, Conan and some top Twitch streamers will show off the game’s 30v30 Fortress Siege mode on LIneage‘s Twitch Channel, which should be a blast (and, I’m sure, a big mess of people). The streamers include notable personalities such as Disguised Toast, Chief Pat, and Hafu.

The game already has over 1 million players pre-registered, which bodes well for an MMO. And it looks like the game will be quite fun for those who like the genre. Think of all the fun you can have with 30v30 or 50v50 Fortress Sieges. So, if you want to see the game played live and Conan O’Brien being his usual self around gamers, check out the stream today at 5PM PDT.