Will Arnett Will Host ‘Minecraft’ ‘Minecon Earth’ on Nov. 18th

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Minecraft‘s ($6.99) newfangled MineCon Earth celebration, the new take on MineCon, and today we found out who is going to be hosting the global livestream event on November 18th: Will Arnett. Arnett has talked about how he plays Minecraft with his sons and how he loves the way Minecraft inspires creativity, so he’s very excited to be hosting the event. The event will start at 12PM EST and will last 90 minutes. The organizers aren’t disclosing too many details, but they are emphasizing that it’s going to be an interactive event rather than a simple presentations. And with Arnett hosting, we know that the livestream will have plenty of jokes (unless he goes as the magician, Job, from Arrested Development).

MineCon Earth, in case you’ve missed our earlier stories, will now be a global interactive livestream event that will try and engage the whole community and will come with a ton of official Viewing Parties in many different locations. Those Parties will include competitions, giveaways, and much more. Think of these changes as Mojang and Microsoft’s attempt to make the events more inclusive and give every Minecraft player the opportunity to be a part of the celebrations. Cool idea.

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