Space Strategy RPG ‘Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander’ Hits the App Store

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While I think everyone was expecting the new Warhammer Quest game to be the one we were all waiting to appear last night, it’d seem Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander ($6.99) was the hotly anticipated game that was last to cross the finish line of this week’s new releases. It hit the App Store this morning, and excitement is already brewing in our forums. Halcyon 6 was first released on Steam a little over a year ago now, and since then has accumulated nearly 900 mostly positive reviews.

Playing the game involves taking control of the space station Halcyon 6- The developers liken the title to other games like X-COM, Civilization, and FTL. You’ll build up your starbase, explore the universe, fiddle around with crew assignments, get involved in highly tactical battles, and more as the game unfolds through various story events. Check out the trailer:

Halcyon 6 aims to have unlimited replay value through generating almost everything randomly with each playthrough including your space station itself, your crew, and the way you approach dealing with the six alien factions in the game. Halcyon 6 is another game on my list of titles I’ve heard nothing but good things about and know I’ll enjoy but my Steam backlog is ridiculous.

On my iPad though? I’m totally down. FTL is one of my all-time favorites and I have spent way more time playing it on my iPad than I ever did on my PC. I bet Halcyon 6 will be similar.

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