‘Time Recoil’, the Latest Slow Motion Shooter From 10tons, Is Available Now on the App Store

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Wednesday is easily one of the best days of the week, and not simply because it follows the dreary, soul-destroying humdrum that Monday and Tuesday inevitably bring. Of course, beyond simply marking the middle of a laborious working week, Wednesday is the day where the App Store gets showered by so many mobile games it can be difficult to know what to do with them all. Thankfully, us at TouchArcade Towers are faced with the monumental yet majorly enjoyable task of finding the gems amongst the trash, and Time Recoil ($5.99) is certainly one such release that has caught my eye with its inventive premise and high-octane action. Being the latest game from 10tons, who you should definitely know from their previous excellent dual-stick shooter Neon Chrome ($6.99), Time Recoil is exactly what you’d expect from a developer with such a pedigree in the genre. However, with a unique twist of combo-driven slow motion gun fights, Time Recoil has a neat emphasis on strategy that distinguishes it from the crowd. After a few weeks of waiting, Time Recoil is finally available to download on the App Store for a mere $3.99.

While Neon Chrome still serves as the developer’s magnum opus, Time Recoil is an interesting spin on the formula, which will act as a fantastic distraction until the upcoming Arena DLC for the former title finally hits the App Store. Having already released on Steam, Time Recoil is heavily adapted for mobile gaming through the implementation of a single stick control system. This may be a slightly controversial choice for many, but the aiming assist system will hopefully give the player even more control whilst pursuing the intense slow-mo combos – and MFi support is there for anyone not entirely convinced. A story mode with over fifty levels, a time trial mode and entirely destructible environments top off what is yet another solid release from one of my favorite mobile developers. With the $3.99 price touted as a limited launch exclusive, pick up Time Recoil now from the App Store and let us know your thoughts on our forum thread.

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