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Tank MOBA ‘Panzer League’ Launching Next Year

Mobile MOBAs are definitely in right now, and while everyone is waiting for Tencent’s Arena of Valor to hit next month, there’s another interesting MOBA coming in 2018, Panzer League, but this one replaces humans (or human-like creatures) with tanks. Panzer League, currently in soft launch on Android, is a 4v4 game where you can play solo or co-op against the AI or full-on 4v4 human players. You can pick from 18 futuristic tanks, each with its unique style of play (just like a MOBA), and you get to level up your tank after each match and equip different items that add various abilities to your tank. And, since developers need to make money, there are also cosmetic items you can buy for your tanks. The game’s tanks are pretty cool, and a well-made tank MOBA can definitely be a lot of fun.

Panzer League was supposed to launch this year, but the developers decided to push the game back to 2018 to work on making the game’s map more compact and to alter the winning conditions to make matches shorter. The game is soft launched on Android, and the rest of us will have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on Panzer League.