‘Minecraft’ 1.2.3 Update Fixes Render Distance Bug for Some, Adds More Marketplace Content

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Many Minecraft ($6.99) players have been having some issues with the game after the big Better Together update (me included), primarily because post-update the game only allowed up to 6 or 8 chunks render distance. Just for comparison’s sake, I usually have mine up to 14 chunks, which makes a big difference in enjoying the game and exploring unknown maps. Today, Mojang released update 1.2.3 that was supposed to fix the issue, and it has, for some. As of now, the Minecraft game on my iPad works fine, but the one on my iPhone is still stuck at 6. So, I’m guessing that the render issue is better but not remedied. I hope it gets fixed soon because it’s one of those bugs that really affects how you play the game.

In more cheery news, the Minecraft Marketplace has received more content. There’s the Block & Seek multiplayer mini-game that has players disguised as Blocks playing hide & seek. Fall Fest is, appropriately, Fall themed , Fightme! has you facing off against a friend in two-player PvP, and Mystery Land: Scary Chunks is a huge world with Dark, Pumpkin and Swamp biomes. These are just some of the new additions, so go check them all out and get into the spirit of Halloween.

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