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‘Returner 77’ Is a Visually Impressive Sci-fi Puzzler Coming This Week

In the upcoming Returner 77, you find yourself on an alien spaceship with the low-stakes mission of saving humanity. As is usually the case in these sci-fi plots, mankind is on the brink of extinction and has only one hope, you. Inexplicably, the aliens have decided to fill their spaceship with visually stunning puzzles for you to solve, which is a strategy worth criticizing because if you’re going to destroy humankind, don’t give it one of the few things it can do with moderate success. Bad planning aside, the aliens created some gorgeous puzzles, as you can see from the trailer above. The environments and puzzle elements should make this one a joy to play on a large iPad.

The game has an interesting team behind it. The developer of Returner 77—Fantastic, yes—includes David Fellah, who cofounded one of the largest design agencies in the world, and Simon Fellah, who is apparently a renowned painter. Their mission is to push mobile gaming boundaries with Returner 77, and I’m curious to see whether they’ll actually manage to do so. Games like The Room was definitely important moments in mobile gaming history, so we’ll see whether Returner 77, which will release this week, manages to have a similar impact. What do you think?