‘NBA AR’ Uses ARKit to Let You Shoot Imaginary Hoops

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ARKit (Free) is slowly but steadily growing and finding its way into more and more gaming experiences, and today it was the turn of the NBA to go all AR with its, you guessed it, NBA AR game. The game is pretty simple: you set up an augmented reality hoop anywhere you want in the world and then proceed to take as many shots as you can in a limited time. You can either take shots from where you’re standing or walk back a bit and try and take three point shots. And in the spirit of competition, you get to compare your success (or failures) with your friends on the leaderboards.

The game offers a few more features to get you into the spirit of the league. NBA AR comes with appropriate audio of fans cheering you on (although it would also be fun if they booed you). And you can change the court to the colors and logos of your favorite team (or most-hated team). While this is a pretty basic use of the ARKit, it does show that there are all kinds of experiences ready to be brought to life by Apple’s new technology.

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