‘Planescape: Torment’, ‘Baldur’s Gate 2’, and Other Beamdog RPGs Are On Sale Right Now

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Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the sheer number of great classic RPGs we can carry around on our phones these days. A big part of that line-up comes from Beamdog and Overhaul’s enhanced ports of the classic Infinity Engine PC RPGs from the 1990s. Beginning with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition ($9.99) back in late 2012, Beamdog and Overhaul have since released iOS versions of Icewind Dale ($9.99), Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition ($9.99), and earlier this year, Planescape: Torment ($9.99). Having just recently finished updating all of the games with 64-bit iOS 11 support, the publisher appears to be celebrating with a sale on all of their iOS releases.

This is the first time Planescape: Torment has ever gone on sale, while the other games are at as low of prices as they’ve ever been. The complete list of games on sale follows, along with links to TouchArcade’s reviews of each.

For those who just want the short version without checking all of the reviews, these are really great ports of the games and are easy to recommend to anyone playing on an iPad. If you’re on an iPhone, the developers have done their best to include options like zooming and increasing the size of the text, but be aware that some people find it a little too cramped on smaller screens. Personally, I think they’re fine, but I know that not everyone feels the same way. There’s no word yet on how long this sale will run, so as usual you might want to get while the getting is good.

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