‘Plague Inc.’ Gets Mad Cows, the Rapture, and a Near-Future Scenario

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Plague Inc. ($0.99), or as I often call it the mass-murder simulator, has been going strong for many years now, letting otherwise-kind players plan and execute global extermination. The very popular and successful game continues to grow, and very soon it will get three new official scenarios that will challenge the best mass murderers among you. The first one looks to the past and to the 1990s Mad Cow Disease, which almost shut down the beef industry and took your beloved burgers away from you for a while. Although it was a relatively short incident, it did let people see how fragile the meat industry is. Well, in the new scenario, Mad Cow Disease is making a comeback as the developers try and imagine how such an outbreak would look like today.



The second scenario, “Where is Everyone," removes most of the world’s population, possibly due to the Rapture happening (or maybe global spontaneous combustion epidemic), and forces you to try and spread your disease across sparsely-populated lands. Not an easy task at all. And the last one, “Flight Club," takes please in a near future where flights are much faster and every city has an airport, even isolated Greenland. These scenarios are coming in a few days and should give you even more ways to kill people in this game that keeps on giving.

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