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‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ Up to 1 Million Pre-Registered Players Already, Grab Your Nickname While You Can

Lineage 2: Revolution, the upcoming MMORPG based on the PC game Lineage 2, is still at the pre-registration stage but is already creating quite the buzz. The game already has over 1 million players pre-registered, and it has apparently topped the charts in places like Japan and South Korea. While that pre-registration number is sure to please the game’s developers, it’s also a good sign for players, since it shows that this MMORPG will launch to populated servers. The game needs to have lots of players because it offers the kinds of experiences we don’t see on mobile, like 200-player castle sieges, real-time 50v50 PvP Fortress Sieges, and in general is a game that’s all about the massive part of MMORPG.

If you haven’t pre-registered yet, you should head over here and do so both because you’ll get some cool in-game rewards (a Hero’s Starter Pack and Full Equipment Set) but also because you’ll get to pick your in-game name, including some limited edition titles that cannot be acquired in-game. You have until November 11 to pre-register, so still some time to grab that awesome (awful) name.