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‘Headshot ZD: Survivor vs Zombies Doomsday’ Is Coming October 19th (Probably)

Headshot ZD: Survivor vs Zombies Doomsday, an action survival game where you—as you can guess from the title—take out zombies, rescue those who’ve been lucky enough to survive like Glenn did in The Walking Dead, build up a camp that can withstand the apocalypse, and keep on surviving. As you can see from the trailer, there’s a whole map you can explore and clear out of zombies. In order to keep going, though, you have to keep your base up and running by collecting resources and upgrading the various buildings in the base. If that was all there is to the game, it would be just another base builder, but Headshot also adds a 2D shooting part where you select various weapons and go to town on those zombie heads.

The game has some really cool pixel art, a ton of content (more than 100 unique types of survivors and zombies according to the developer), and looks like it’s going to be fun to play. Headshot ZD is going to be free and should release October 19th (or thereabouts). If you want to learn more about the game, head over to our forums.