‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Version 1.8 Finally Gives You Something to Do with All Those Badges

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Through rain, sleet, or snow, Fire Emblem Heroes (Free) continues to get significant monthly updates to respond to feedback from its rather large playerbase. For a while now, players have been looking for something to do with the massive amounts of colored badges they’ve accumulated through training their characters in the training tower. While they were originally used to rank characters up, such events are few and far between enough that just about everyone is sitting on a major stockpile of various badges. The latest update of the game, Version 1.8, finally gives everyone something else to do with those extraneous awards.

After updating, you’ll find a new mini-episode waiting for you in the story mode. Provided you’ve already cleared Chapter 13, anyway. If not, go do that. Completing this mini-episode unlocks a new feature called the Sacred Forge, which allows you to combine badges, Sacred Coins, and Sacred Seals to create new Seals and power up existing ones. It’s an addition that simultaneously beefs up the Sacred Seal system while addressing the large quantities of badges that most veteran players have on-hand. To go with that, players will now receive more badges from clearing the training tower stages.

This update also includes some improvements to the UI, allowing you to jump to the Team Edit screen when picking a battle, go straight to the appropriate battle directly from the Quest screen, and see exactly what you’re picking up when you clear out your Quest Rewards, among other things.

There’s also a new Voting Gauntlet going on that sets the most famous manaketes from Fire Emblem history in a popularity contest to see which dragon is most divine. To go with all of this, the game is giving out free summoning orbs every day for logging in for the next few weeks. Is it ever not? Well, I’m not going to complain. The latest update is available now, so download it and get cracking on cranking out some powerful new Sacred Seals.

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