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‘Poker Chess Solitaire’ is the Ultimate Card Game Mashup from the Makers of ‘Moveless Chess’

There are genre mashups, and then there are genre mashups. Developer Beavl is no stranger to this, with their puzzle RPG Faif ($1.99) that utilizes a unique gambling-based combat system or their Moveless Chess (Free) which turns various Chess situations into puzzles to be solved. But they are going all out for their latest game, which spells out its mashup right in the title: Poker Chess Solitaire. The goal will be to to clear boards in a similar fashion to Solitaire, but by making hands based around Poker which also incorporate the rules of certain Chess pieces. Sound confusing? Yeah, kinda! But it also sounds really interesting. Check out the teaser.

You’ll only be able to move Jacks, Queens, and Kings in the game, with Jacks using movement rules based on the Knight in Chess, and Queens and Kings using the movement rules of those respective Chess pieces as well. All three can take cards of the opposite color, and you’ll use these mechanics to set up Poker hands on the board. There’s even more to it than that, but Beavl will be explaining more as Poker Chess Solitaire gets closer to its early 2018 release on both iOS and Android. In the meantime, you can follow along with their development and get a heads up about future beta testing in our forums.