Slick Sporty Puzzle Game ‘Disc Golf to Go’ Is on Sale for the First Time on the App Store

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As any dedicated disc golf fanatic would know, today marks the start of the US Disc Golf Championships in South Carolina. While this event is apparently the pinnacle of the disc golf season, the App Store serves as a year-long celebration of the frisbee-throwing sport, as mobile gaming and disc golf has resulted in numerous excellent arcade experiences over the past few years. Disc Golf To Go ($1.99), from solo developer Kelsey Doherty, marks the latest iOS disc golfing release, and serves as an especially impressive premium title with 40 meticulously crafted levels, 20 unique discs and continued support since its release in August. To celebrate the big US Disc Golf Championships, Disc Golf To Go is now on sale for the first time since release, and is $2.99 for a limited time.

I’m not going to lie – before this sale, I didn’t actually know disc golf was a real thing that happened outside of video games. I guess if Ultimate Frisbee can be a thing, then anything is possible, really. The amount of fun I have playing these quirky mobile offshoots of golf has definitely piqued my interest in the real thing, and Disc Golf To Go has certainly made me curious. Even if you have never heard of the sport, Disc Golf To Go serves as an accessible yet surprisingly immersive and fun puzzle title, and the amount of care that has gone into the game in every aspect, from the levels to the disc designs themselves, emphasises the developer’s passion for mobile gaming and the sport itself. I’ve been impressed by how active the developer has been on our forums, and how eager they have been to improve their game, so I hope this sale for Disc Golf To Go helps an even larger audience experience this labor of love. Download Disc Golf To Go at its new $2.99 price for a limited time, and fly over to our forum thread for more disc golfing details.

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