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Game of Thrones: Conquest Releases on October 19th, New Trailer Released

Warner Brothers finally announced the release date for Game of Thrones: Conquest. Developed by Turbine, the MMO strategy game will hit the App Store and Google Play on October 19th. Pre-registrations are live and doing so nets you $50 of in game goodies with exclusive Night’s Watch training gear and more. Get ready to play as the head of your own house in Turbine’s new MMO strategy experience which will feature characters from the HBO TV show. In addition to revealing the release date we have a new teaser trailer for Game of Thrones: Conquest that you can view below:

If you haven’t pre-registered already, you can do so here to get some nifty rewards. We have a few impressions for it in our forum thread but you can check it out yourself if you have an account in the Philippenes App Store where it soft launched originally. Check out the forum thread for it here.