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‘PUBG’-Inspired ‘Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds’ Opens Android Pre-registration

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is all the rage, as you probably very well know, and, understandably, mobile developers want to join the party. We wrote a couple of days ago about Guns Royale, which is a cartoonish take on the popular battle royale game, but there’s another PUBG-inspired game under development right now, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds, which goes for a more “realistic" take on the formula and looks a lot more like PUBG than Guns Royale does. We wrote about Bullet Strike a few months ago, and starting tomorrow, you can pre-register for the game’s Android version, if that’s your platform of choice.

If you’ve been following the game’s development in our forums, then you know that the game looks and plays a lot like PUBG, which I know many of you are happy about since there’s a reason the PC game is so popular. The game has you join up to 19 other players in real-time and try to fight it out in an ever-shrinking map until only one person is left. The game comes with leaderboards and competitive seasons, with a replay feature and tournaments coming in the near future. If Bullet Strike nails the PUBG feel, it’s going to be very popular once it releases. Keep an eye on our forum thread if you want to join the iOS testing.