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‘Gwent’-Like ‘Runewards’ CCG Looking for Testers in Our Forums

Gwent, the card game that grew out of The Witcher 3, has been received very well by card players because it offers a different flavor than the likes of Hearthstone and Magic, but no official word that it’s coming to mobile yet. So, Reaver Games is stepping in to fill that gap with an upcoming game called Runewards, a card game that uses most of Gwent‘s mechanics. The basic idea behind Runewards (and Gwent) is you play against your opponent in a best of three matches, and your goal is to have more points on your half of the field than your opponent at the end of each round. A round ends when one of the player passes or runs out of cards.

The fun aspect of these mechanics is you often try and bluff your way to victory by tricking your opponent into thinking you have better cards than you do or by letting them use too many cards to beat you in one round and then taking the other two easily. Now, there’s the question of when does imitation become copying. Most collectible card games use the same mechanics with very slight variations, but there’s always a line I suppose. But with Gwent not making its way to mobile, the opportunity was there for someone to take. If you want to learn more about the game and sign up for the beta, head over to our forum thread.