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Capcom’s ‘Puzzle Fighter’ Has Soft Launched in Six Countries

Puzzle Fighter from Capcom has finally soft launched on the App Store. Puzzle Fighter is the sequel to Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo and it was scheduled to hit iOS by the end of the year. It was playable at PAX and has officially soft launched in six countries right now and if you’ve been craving some Ryu and Chun-Li puzzle action, download it today. Match gems to take out your opponents through strategies involving combos and more. Puzzle Fighter has vintage arenas from Capcom games and it is free to play and has a very interesting art style to say the least. Watch the trailer below:

Puzzle Fighter is available on the App Store in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, and Singapore. If you have an account in any of those App Stores, you can check it out right now. Everyone else can pre register on the website.