Anker Announces the Nebula Capsule, a Soda Can-Sized Portable Smart Projector with AirPlay

A good ten years ago now I lived in an apartment with a roommate who had a friend who had a super early pico projector that really just blew us away. It was this thing that wasn’t super small bit still totally fit in a backpack then could project low resolution, dimly lit video to a screen that’s a few feet across from his laptop. It was like magic. Well, fast forward a decade and this technology has gotten surprisingly awesome. The Moto Z Projector is getting good reviews, but I think Anker has come up with an even cooler solution with their upcoming Nebula Capsule. Check out the video:

I’m a huge fan of Anker products. Practically every non-Apple accessory I own is made by them, and they’ve all been fantastic, which has me pretty excited for the Capsule. It runs Android, and apparently can run apps on itself, which seems super cool. I love the idea of pulling this pop can-sized device out of my bag somewhere and just be watching Netflix on a 100" screen. Better yet, it supports all the popular video streaming protocols (like AirPlay, for our uses) so you can just fire it up, mirror your video to it, and be playing games on the go with a huge screen.

They’re using Indiegogo to handle preorders, and as of this writing they’ve doubled their goal they were trying to reach, making this project a sure bet. I requested a review unit from them, and if it works how they say it does… I’m going to be super impressed.