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‘Deadly Days’ Is a Strategy Game With Fun Pixel Art Looking for Testers

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Deadly Days is an upcoming zombie apocalypse strategy game that will have you building and maintaining a base while at the same time defending it from meat-addicted zombies (no vegetarian zombies in this game). In this game, you’ll organize your survivors and send them out on daily runs to collect loot and scrap, which you then use to enhance your base. Each day will be harder than the next but will offer better loot, so it’s worth making it further into the game. Different actions give you more experience points, and then you use those points to improve your base and survivors. There’s a lot going on in this game, as you can see in the description on our Upcoming Games forum thread.

The game has pretty nice pixel art, and it looks like it has plenty of content and ideas to keep you playing. As long as its many systems come together in a cohesive whole, the game should be fun to play. If you want to be a part of the iOS or Android Alpha testing, head on over here and apply. The game will probably be F2P with optional ads, but the developers want to hear your views on the appropriate monetization model. Head on over here for more on Deadly Days.

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