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‘Inside’, the Critically Acclaimed Game from the Creators of ‘Limbo’, Is Coming to iOS

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Limbo ($3.99) developers, Playdead, just announced their plans of bringing INSIDE to both iOS and Nintendo Switch. INSIDE is a puzzle platforming adventure game that has earned quite the critical acclaim across all platforms. It initially launched on Xbox One and PC before releasing on PlayStation 4 in 2016. Given how well Limbo did on iOS and how well it controls, I was surprised it took this long to get an announcement for INSIDE. Watch the original launch trailer for it below:

There isn’t much more to go off right now for INSIDE but it is safe to assume that we will have more news for it soon. They might even be working on the touch interface and controls for both iOS and Nintendo Switch together given how games like Thimbleweed Park ($9.99) control on both platforms. If you aren’t aware of Playdead in general, check out Limbo ($3.99) or the forum thread for it here.


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