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‘Blocky Farm’ Expanding Its Soft Launch to New Zealand and Australia, Wants More Beta Testers

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Blocky Farm is a very promising farmer simulator that’s been in soft launch and beta for quite a bit now, and it’s going to expand its soft launch to Australia and New Zealand tomorrow, which means more of you can check out this really cute game. Blocky Farm has you managing your farm—including driving the tractor—and taking care of your very cute pets and farm animals. There’s a ton of things you can do in your farm that go beyond just driving the tractor around and getting into trouble. You can also use all kinds of cool animal gadgets, complete hundreds of quests in and around your farm, get collectible cards that allow you to upgrade your buildings or discover new gadgets, and a ton of other things.

The game stands out for its charming voxel-style visuals and character design, which includes chickens with top hats and glasses. The game started out relatively simple but has grown over the years into something really fun and deep. If you want to check out the game, head over to our (long) forum thread, and if you want to test the game but don’t have access to the soft-launch areas, message the developers to join the beta; they are looking for more testers.

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