BlizzCon 2017 Virtual Tickets Are Now Available

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BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard’s huge celebration, is drawing near, and while the actual tickets have long been sold out, you can still virtually attend the event using BlizzCon 2017’s Virtual Ticket, which is now on sale. The Virtual Ticket allows you to watch an internet stream of the events happening at the Anaheim Convention Center, including all the panels, contests, interviews, opening and closing ceremony, and more. I have “attended" BlizzCon using the Virtual Ticket in the past, and it was a great way to be a part of one of the biggest gaming conventions globally without having to figure out how to get there and where to stay. The Virtual Ticket costs $39.99, and you can get one per Blizzard Account. You can even gift one to a friend or relative if you feel generous.

The Virtual Ticket also allows you to get your hands on some virtual in-game goodies, including a Horde/Alliance World of Warcraft Mount and (quite possibly) a Hearthstone (Free) card back. And if you are a big swag fan, you can use your Virtual Ticket to buy the BlizzCon Goody Bag and gear for $10 off. Overall, the Virtual Ticket is a great deal for those who enjoy Blizzard’s games and shows, so check it out.

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