The ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Oktoberbrawl’ Has Twitch Prime Members Picking Sides (and Eating Pretzels)

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) Oktoberbrawl has officially commenced, so get ready for some entertaining matches and (of course) pretzels and beer. The way Oktoberbrawl works is there are two teams of three players, Team Light and Team Void, and you can support your team of choice. Team Void consists of Dog, Thijs, and J4CKIECHAN, and Team Light consists of Kripparian, Reynad, and Alliestrasza. The members of these two teams will face off in weekly, live-streamed matches using fresh accounts and building decks from packs earned along the way. Those of us participating in the Oktoberbrawl can help our team of choice get more packs each week by winning Ranked games.

If you want to support one of the two teams, you need to first have a Twitch Prime account (which you can get by linking your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account). Then, you get two card backs that correspond to each of the two teams. Every time you play Ranked using one of the two card backs, you raise the chances of your team opening more packs and, therefore, building better decks. A bit of a complicated event, but a fun one nonetheless. The event will run until October 21st, with the finals taking place at TwitchCon. You can read all the details about the event here. And remember: if you get a Twitch Prime account, you can help out TouchArcade for free!

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